As well as the two different teams, there are a wide range of crazy aliens, vicious mercenaries and assorted scum that a Sponsor can hire to help them win the game, each with their own individual skill and strengths.

Avaran Treebeast

These sly and malevolent forms of plant life are the ultimate hunters on their homeworld. Their poisonous and barbed prehensile tongues can lash out and attack from a distance, at great speed, great for picking up a ball or to slam an opponent at a greater distance.

Jetari GL14 "Brawler"

Jetari GL14 “Brawler”- Originally a sparring and training robots, these brutal machines are loved by Sponsors as they batter and brawl their way through the opposition players, leaving a trail of broken bodies and pulped flesh behind them.

Jetari SL22 "Thrower"

Jetari SL22 “Thrower”- Thrower Drones are reprogrammed to cheaply add some extra skills to a Sponsors want to add some flair to their teams.

Nameless Bloodsucker

The Xtreme crowd love these alien monstrosities as they have the truly horrifying ability of snatching their victims up into their tentacled mouthpieces and draining the vital fluids from their bodies.

Pusk Rampager

An almost unstoppable juggernaut as it crashes around the pitch, crushing everything in its path.

Vlorox Spinpede

These asteroid dwelling insectoids are almost invulnerable to pain as they curl themselves around the ball and roll towards the strike zone.

Yndij Reaver

Natural hunters with the grace, speed and a total and utter contempt for the rules, the Ynoij are natural Xtreme players.

Zee Buccaneer

Small, agile and sneaky, they often work in teams to bring down larger and more powerful opponents.