“You can play now and probably die, or you can finish out your sentence and definitely die. And I can guarantee you which’ll be quicker…”

The brutal prison planets of the GCPS are where the most dangerous and deranged elements of the Universe are dropped and then forgotten about- all that the Corporation care about is that these scum are kept subdued and safely away from anywhere they can cause it trouble. In order to control these hell holes the Warden must be even more ruthless and cruel than those they rule over, and Warden Rasulovs special blend of sadism and remorseless brutality ensured he is as feared by his own colleagues as the convict themselves. He became infamous for detonating the explosive blast-collar of every member of his team simultaneously before a game started as he felt they did not look keen enough. Their replacements came on and demolished the opposition in a total frenzy of fear induced energy- leading to the saying ‘the enemy may kill you, but Rasulov definitely will’.

Sponsors pick their “teams” for Xtreme from a pool of human and alien scum, according to their budget and preferences – for example, Warden Rasulov will pay less for convicts than Blaine.

Below is a sample of the players this sponsor prefers to field in their team, and therefore get to purchase at cheaper rates. Note that a Sponsor’s team is by no means limited to the players on show – you can pick from the entire pool of players available in the game, allowing you to truly build and customise your own team.

The prison planets of the GCPS area never ending pool of desperate and dangerous individuals who, with no future or hope of release, are willing to risk everything in the unlicensed arenas. With such easy access to these scum it is easy for unscrupulous wardens to recruit their teams from amongst them- and there is always the high explosive blast-collars that they wear to keep them in line (and maybe take out opponents with a well-timed detonation!)


The lightest armoured and most skillful players on the team, the Runners specialise in fast plays to score Strikes


Battering the opposition into submission with vicious efficency, the Thugs are the brutal sledgehammers of the team.


Able to take on any role that their coach needs them to in order to cause maximum damage and points

As well as the two different teams, there is a wide range of crazy aliens, vicious mercenaries and assorted scum that a Sponsor can hire to help them win the game, each with their own individual skill and strengths.

Jetari GL14 "Brawler"

Originally a sparring and training robots, these brutal machines are loved by Sponsors as they batter and brawl their way through the opposition players, leaving a trail of broken bodies and pulped flesh behind them.

Jetari SL22 "Thrower"

Thrower Drones are reprogrammed to cheaply add some extra skills to a Sponsors want to add some flair to their teams.

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