“You don’t get asked to play for him - you get summoned…”

Blaine is the most feared and wanted criminal in the GCPS. It is a sign of his utter contempt for the Corporation and the Council that, despite every Enforcer in the galaxy having ‘Kill On Sight’ orders for him, he still is a high profile Sponsor for the underground version of their favourite game. His crimes are always audacious, large scale, and have a total disregard for life or authority, an approach that he brings with him into the bloody arenas of DreadBall Xtreme. He favours an eclectic and diverse team, often recruiting a wide mix of different species and player types depending upon this carefully worked out strategy. He leaves nothing to chance as he looks for any weaknesses to exploit in his opponents game plan, analysing the plays and countering them with a mix of flair and vicious, ruthless violence.

Sponsors pick their “teams” for Xtreme from a pool of human and alien scum, according to their budget and preferences – for example, Warden Rasulov will pay less for convicts than Blaine.

Below is a sample of the players this sponsor prefers to field in their team, and therefore get to purchase at cheaper rates. Note that a Sponsor’s team is by no means limited to the players on show – you can pick from the entire pool of players available in the game, allowing you to truly build and customise your own team.

The blue skinned Kalysians are an aggressive and wild sub sect of the Asterian race. Fast moving, elegant and skilful their natural athleticism is enhanced by warrior skills which they have honed since they could walk. This makes them ideal players in fast paced and deadly game of illegal Xtreme.


Fast moving and skilful, the Kalysian Striker can leap over any friends, enemies or obsticles that stand in their path to score.


With no refs or rules, the Jacks can use thier deadly Backstab ability to exploit any weaknesses in their foes armour.

As well as the two different teams, there is a wide range of crazy aliens, vicious mercenaries and assorted scum that a Sponsor can hire to help them win the game, each with their own individual skill and strengths.


The Xtreme crowd love these alien monstrosities as they have the truly horrifying ability of snatching their victims up into their tentacled mouthpieces and draining the vital fluids from their bodies.

Pusk Rampager

An almost unstoppable juggernaut as it crashes around the pitch, crushing everything in its path.

Vlorox Spinpede

These asteroid dwelling insectoids are almost invulnerable to pain as they curl themselves around the ball and roll towards the strike zone.

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