Paint DreadBall Xtreme Avaran Treebeast

By Peter Harrison from Talk Wargaming

In this DreadBall Xtreme tutorial we are moving away from the teams and onto the Free Agents. We will be focusing on the Avaran Treebeast, the carnivorous flora the Xtreme pitch.

Making use of the Army Painters war paints we have a step by step guide for achieving a look similar to those painted by the Mantic studio. In addition to the written guide we have also created a video that takes you through the steps from basecoat to finished miniature.

Watch the video directly on YouTube

Below you can find the list of Army Painter paints required though you can use any equivalent water-based acrylics to paint DreadBall Xtreme miniatures.

  • Leather Brown
  • Fur Brown
  • Army Green
  • Necrotic Flesh
  • Green Ink
  • Strong Tone Ink
  • Buy paints at the Mantic Shop

  • Basecoat: Leather Brown
  • I primed my miniature using Leather Brown as it would be the most dominant color of the bark. I applied this basecoat with an airbrush, however if you don't have access to an airbrush you could use the Leather Brown Spray Primer available from the Army Painter. Alternatively you could prime the miniature with a generic primer and brush paint on Leather Brown. However this will be more time consuming and not provide an even coat
  • Wash: Strong Tone Ink
  • Drybrush: Fur Brown
  • Due to the complex mass of the branches the easiest way to pick out the detail is with a Strong Tone Ink wash across the entirety of the miniature. Once this has thoroughly dried a dry brush of Fur Brown should be applied. When doing this pay particular attention to the upper parts of the miniature.
  • Layer: Army Green
  • Wash: Green Ink
  • Highlight: Army Green + Necrotic Flesh 1:1 mix
  • The vines which crawl across the entire miniature as well as the 'teeth' should be picked out with Army Green. Keep your DreadBall Xtreme handy in case you miss out any of the vines. I wash of Green Ink can then be applied to help the vines stand out a little better. Do not worry too much if this over spills onto the bark as the brown and green tones blend nicely. Finally, the vines should be highlighted with Army Green and Necrotic Flesh in a 1:1 mix.

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