DreadBall Xtreme will prove you with countless hours and hours of fun and enjoyment!

Some of our very talented partners have put together some fantastic guides to share their excitment, experience and top tips to help you get started, meaning you can begin enjoy playing and painting- Fast!

In DreadBall Xtreme the rules are carefully written to ensure that game play is fast, fun, and brutaly savage. You win by either scoring the most points or by destroying all of the opposing teams players- using brilliant tactics, vicious cunning and dirty tricks to achieve glorious victory at all cost. Mantic have put together a collection of tutorials that help you get to grips with what you are doing as fast as possible so you can get playing quickly and crack on with the violence!

Video Tutorial

Our friends at Beasts of War have put together a video guide, showing you the rules and explaining how to use them in your games.

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Free Downloads

The DreadBall Xtreme rulebook has a brilliant step by step example that clearly walks you through a section of a game.

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On the Mantic Digital site there is all sorts of great downladable content that supports your favourite games.

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You don’t need to paint your models in order to play and enjoy Deadball Xtreme, these beautifully sculpted Mantic miniatures are just perfect as they are. However, painting your models is not only a way to make your teams look even more fantastic and unique to you, it is also a really fun and satisfying extra part of the hobby. By spending a bit of time you will be able to get some really impressive results that you can be proud of. You can spend as much time as you wish in painting your models (indeed, for some people this is the thing they most enjoy and the game is just something to do with their beautiful collections.), however by following a few simple stages you can get really great results….

Painting Convicts

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Painting Kalyshi

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Painting Free Agents

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