One of the most wonderful things about Mantic is all the fantastic and fanatical fans who absolutely love the fun and excitement that games such as DreadBall Xtreme give them.

These awesome people that make up the Mantic Community are always willing to share advice or tips, writing articles and Xtreme match reports telling of their latest glorious victory or unlucky defeat, and also producing pictures of wonderfully painted miniatures that really inspire fellow hobbyists. They can be found in gaming clubs, stores and conventions around the world and are great opponents to talk to and to play against.

Why don’t you click on the links below, grab your dice and get involved!

There are lots of ways to get involved and find out more about your favourite game.

Mantic Forum

Our community run forum, written by the fans for the fans! The Forum is a great place to discuss tactics, team selection, find a game in a local area or just simply show off piccies of your teams.

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Find out what’s going on behind the doors at Mantic HQ. This is where we share all the insider secrets of what’s going on and what’s coming up - all delivered to you in that special Mantic way!

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There are loads of fantastic videos available to give you even more information about Xtreme. Come back regularly to see more of the awesome things that fans are doing in their favourite hobby!

Bell of Lost Souls

Watch on YouTube >

Bell of Lost Souls have got their hands on the new DreadBall Xtreme boxed game and open it up for all to see.

Fan Video

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Spooney J takes a look through a copy of DreadBall Xtreme and gives us his thoughts on the game!

Fan Video

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Gerrcinn unleashes his review on the pre-release Kickstarter edition of DreadBall Xtreme.

The Story Behind DreadBall Xtreme

Did you know Xtreme was originally conceived as an expansion for DreadBall? Find out more about how it all happened in this article from our Blog!

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Blood, Beards and Brass Knuckles

Read part 1 of an awesome, brutal Match Report between Community Manager Luke and Pathfinder Alex.

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5 Reasons to be excited by Xtreme!

If you weren't excited enough, here's our top five reasons why we love DreadBall Xtreme. Let us know what your's are!

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Nothing inspires and delights us more than seeing marvellous Mantic miniatures beautifully painted - and here is a collection of the best!

Concept Art

Get a peek at the pictures that inspired some of your favourite models.


A selection of fantastic Xtreme pictures for you to enjoy.